Press release

Press release

„World of Fireplaces“: Trade premiere a grand display of fireworks


First event of the trade fair for fireplaces and cosy ambience of living with over 8,000 visits from all over the world and 240 exhibitors inspires the industry

The B2B event "World of Fireplaces" has clearly exceeded the expectations. Exhibitors and visitors, the supporting industry association HKI and trade fair organizer Trendfairs, all participating associations, representatives from politics as well as the media: All of us were surprised by the above-average reception that this premiere event received from the very first day of the trade fair. Close physical contact on the visitor side in the 15,000 square meter exhibition hall 5 and on the outdoor area in front of it was given at all times. All those involved in this "hot" start to WOF from April 17 to 19 are completely convinced: this trade event has a great future ahead of it, for the next World of Fireplaces 2025 the "bar" is set at a high level!

When Michael Rambach, founder and partner of the organizing trade fair organizer Trendfairs, stated about three years ago "The industry wants its own platform, we provide it. With the World of Fireplaces we are setting a milestone around the topic of fireplaces and comfortable living ambience in Leipzig. And it is our set goal to make the 'World of Fireplaces' a lasting success for all concerned," he and his dedicated team were far from anticipating how the good reception at the start of sales would develop into a "run" on the new format. Now all the evaluations are available in detail, providing impressive evidence of the unexpectedly high visitor interest during the three days of the WOF trade fair.

A total of 8,135 trade show visitors were counted at the entrance counters; as expected, the first two days were the busiest. The actual rush was additionally raised by approximately 750 exhibitor representatives present on site every day. Two thirds of the visitors (65.9%) came from Germany, with the largest groups being from Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. This presence also corresponds to the economic potency in those economic sectors that the exhibitors of the World of Fireplaces serve. The fact that visitors from Saxony were also strongly represented is obvious due to the location of the event.

In addition to trade visitors from Germany, the World of Fireplaces attracted guests mainly from the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Sweden. About one hundred visits each were realized during the trade show days by industry specialists from Switzerland, Belgium, UK, France, Denmark and Norway. In addition, there were also visitors from afar - the statistics here show the nations of Israel, Australia, China, the USA, Canada, Mongolia, Ghana, the United Arab Emirates as well as South American countries.

The evaluation of visitor numbers by industry and position is particularly interesting. According to the latter, managing directors, sales and distribution managers and owners made up the largest groups, accounting for around two thirds of the visitors. Further significant was the presence of trade visitors from assembly and customer service, purchasing, product development and management, marketing and independent sales representatives.

Exhibitors at World of Fireplaces 2023 of pellet, tile and storage stoves, electric fireplaces and stoves, decorative, cold and imitation fireplaces, stoves and grills, exhaust systems, boilers, separation and control technology, fuel, bricks and fireclay, software for smarthome and for system control, various suppliers and accessory suppliers as well as the area of outdoor fireplaces were very pleased about their expected main target group - fireplace and stove builders and/or -studios - forming the overwhelming majority of visitors with two thirds.

But in addition to this cluster, it was mainly the diversity of industries that generated enthusiasm on the exhibitor side. At seven and six percent respectively, tiled stove and ventilation installers and chimney sweeps were the next most important groups seeking business contacts in Hall 5 and the outdoor area. Exhaust gas technicians, HVAC tradesmen and representatives of other trades, energy consultants and architects also formed important customers who made intensive use of the World of Fireplaces for networking and negotiating. Last but not least, there were decision-makers from construction and electrical markets as well as cooperations, who are statistically less important in purely quantitative terms, but who bundle a large market and sales volume.

The conclusion of this first specialized meeting designed for fireplaces and well-being ambience turns out clearly and precisely: A first-class B2B-format, which inspired everyone involved and which requires regular continuation. In conclusion, trade fair organizer Rambach therefore affirms: "We have earned a first-class reputation with various special trade fairs in several European countries. With support of the federation HKI we could also prove this in Leipzig. And since 'after the fair' always means 'before the fair', we will immediately do everything we can to vigorously fuel the wonderful success of the just-concluded 'World of Fireplaces' for the next event in 2025!"

Facts & figures

Trade visitors

8.135 trade visitors from around 60 countries

Ranking (about 100 people): 4.180 trade visitors from Germany, 222 from the Netherlands, 168 from Austria, 163 from the Czech Republic, 149 from Poland, 138 from Italy, 134 from Sweden, 106 from Slovakia

Exhibitors and brands

About 240exhibitors and brands on 15.000 m² on the inside and 1.000 m² on the outside

Product groups

  • Fuels / Ignition materials
  • Insulating materials
  • Permanent fireplaces
  • Decorative fire
  • Electric fireplaces
  • Emission control technology, particle separators, catalysts
  • Ethanol fireplaces
  • Trade press, media & publishers
  • Solid fuel fireplaces & heat pump & solar technology
  • Fireplaces with water technology
  • Garden & barbecue fireplaces
  • Gas fireplaces / gas inserts
  • Glass ceramics / fire viewing panels
  • Grill appliances
  • Stoves
  • Wood stoves
  • Hybrid fireplaces
  • Institutions / Associations
  • Tiled stoves / Plaster stoves
  • Tiled stove inserts / heating inserts
  • Fireplace inserts / Tiled stove inserts
  • Fireplace inserts / heating fireplaces
  • Fireplace stoves
  • Ceramics / fireclay / mortar / plaster / adhesive material
  • Boiler & storage techniques
  • Cooperation partner
  • Machines & equipment for firewood preparation
  • Measuring technology
  • Stove tiles
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Pellet stoves
  • Testing laboratories
  • Chimney sweep accessories
  • Chimney systems / technology
  • Swedish stoves
  • Smarthome
  • Other
  • Storage stoves, storage fireplaces
  • Control & regulation technology
  • Tools / Auxiliaries
  • Accessories

Follow up

April 2025


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