Press release

Press release

"World of Fireplaces 2023" starts one day earlier: 17 to 19 April 2023


More space, sufficient dismantling days – so far 185 exhibitors and brands booking require an improved trade fair slot

The "World of Fireplaces", which was conceived as a spin-off of a major industry event, is now itself becoming a large-scale B2B event that is already breaking all standards in the preparation phase for the premiere event in 2023. This is as surprising as it is gratifying - first of all for the economic sector around fireplaces. However, the ongoing boom in demand and the resulting additional need for space and trade fair logistics now requires the trade fair slot to be moved one day forward - to April 17th to 19th, 2023 - in order to allow sufficient dismantling time. This certainly not easy decision was made with care, with the aim of realizing as much "fire live" as possible.
From today's point of view, the trade fair for the 'world of modern fireplaces' in the spring of next year will be a great success. Over 185 exhibitors and brands from around 20 countries are already there. The originally planned exhibition area has already been expanded by 50 percent to 15,000 square meters. On the visitor side, trade visitors from all over Europe are expected.
“A new industry meeting point is being created at the World of Fireplaces and we will be part of it. At the right time, in the right place - we are already looking forward to the many exciting discussions in Leipzig in 2023," says Bjarne Varre, President of the Nordpeis Supervisory Board, enthusiastically about the new trade fair. Otakar Slanar, Managing Director of Hoxter GmbH, also shares this anticipation: “... trade fairs that promote cohesion in the industry and offer an ideal platform for dialogue are important. We look forward to the industry meeting in Leipzig in 2023.”
However, the response to the new format, which was surprising for all those involved, also means that more flue gas outlets must be available. And causes not only more, but also the originally planned presentations to be significantly larger. However, the site operator's tight calendar does not allow for an additional day for dismantling and transporting the presentations away on the original date.

So the solution - pragmatic, early and reached with a broad consensus - is obvious: The "World of Fireplaces" starts one day earlier on April 17, 2023, remains open for three days - and the assembly teams have enough time after the end of the fair. What sounds or reads so unspectacular is a huge gain and completely understandable for anyone who has personally experienced the hectic activity in the preparation and follow-up phase of large business events.
Industry leaders, medium-sized companies and interesting newcomers from the product segments pellet, tiled and storage stoves, electric fireplaces and stoves, decorative, cold and imitation fireplaces, stoves and grills, outdoor fireplaces, exhaust systems, boiler , separation and control technology, fuel, brick and fireclay, software for smart home and system control as well as various suppliers and accessory suppliers.
Cristina Reghezza, Project Manager Sales Germany at Palazzetti Lelio S.p.A., sums up the unique position and expected importance of the "World of Fireplaces" quite nicely: "We are convinced that we need trade fairs like this to present our common identity as sustainable to affirm the industry. Today it is an industry that increasingly needs to be seen in an international context. As an Italian company, we are therefore very pleased to contribute from the outset to the development and growth of a new platform for dialogue like this one. Because the future depends on what we do today.” Nothing to add, especially to the last sentence!

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