Press release

Press release

World of Fireplaces 2023 – now area expansion due to high demand


More than 140 exhibitors and brands from 16 countries have already registered for the trade fair premiere in Leipzig.

The World of Fireplaces will be celebrating its premiere at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre from 18 to 20 April 2023. This wide-ranging and new trade fair will focus on the entire segment around fireplaces as well as feel-good ambience and is designed to bring in all the players in this sector. The countdown so far before the fair gets underway has brought a few surprises: The new business event is encountering incredible demand – over 140 exhibitors and brands from 16 countries have made committed bookings so far. The result for the live and online format developed by the organiser, Trendfairs (Munich), working with the industry association HKI (Frankfurt a.M.): The exhibition space in Hall 5 must be extended, as the attraction of the event continues to grow.

Launched only at the start of 2022, the trade fair for the World of Fireplaces in the spring of next year is sure to be a great success. Preparatory talks are being held not only with potential exhibitors but also with national and international trade associations and media representatives. One special milestone in working out the new trade fair format was the recently concluded “Progetto Fuoco” in Verona, Italy, where long-term strategies were agreed with organiser Piemmeti, among others.

Michael Rambach from trendfairs puts it this way: “Our goal is to make the World of Fireplaces an enduring success for all participants. That is why we are focusing on the international reach of this trade fair. What our talks in Verona revealed is that we and Piemmeti complement each other perfectly. What will be the most effective for our fair visitors is to alternate, with ‘Progetto Fuoco’ held in even years and the World of Fireplaces in odd years.”

Scheduled to be showcased at the fair are the product segments of pellet, tile and storage heaters, electric fireplaces and wood-burning heaters, decorative, cold and imitation fireplaces, cookers and grills, outdoor fireplaces, flue systems, boiler, separation and control technology, fuel, bricks and fireclay, software for smart homes and for system control, plus suppliers and accessory suppliers. From among all those segments, exhibitors from the entire ceramics sector are especially looking forward to the new B2B event. That’s because heat storage – through ceramics, for example – is becoming increasingly important.

The high expectations of the manufacturer group, which has been searching for a joint presentation format for some time, are summed up by Norbert Müller, Managing Director of Gutbrod Keramik GmbH: “Gutbrod Keramik has been manufacturing high-quality ceramics for tile stoves and fireplaces since 1869. At the World of Fireplaces we will see the entire value chain of fireplaces on exhibit. That is why, as a traditional company for stove ceramics, we will also be there. Leipzig 2023 is down firmly in our calendar.”

This vote of confidence in the World of Fireplaces would probably be signed by every exhibitor immediately, because with the new format this industry is sending out a clear unique selling proposition: a focused presentation of concentrated expertise in fireplaces – with no ifs and buts, no extraneous product segments, and positioned in a visitor-friendly way. “It is important to have a platform for the whole industry, and we expect WOF 23 to be it. This platform has been missed more and more in recent years. We are looking forward to the new exhibition spaces, which will do justice to the special and unique nature of our products and bring the industry together,” confirms Andreas Schönfeld, Sales Director of Spartherm Feuerungstechnik GmbH.

The deliberate focus on products and services related to fireplaces, plus the targeted positioning of the presentation directly at the entrance area of Hall 5 with direct access to the parking spaces, gives the World of Fireplaces a strong “draw” and reception. “The industry wants its own platform, and we offer it to you.” This statement by Michael Rambach from Trendfairs GmbH leaves nothing to add. With this concentrated “firepower”, the visitor response will also be overwhelming.

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