Press release

Press release

New trade fair "World of Fireplaces 2023" in high demand


Excellent booking start at the industry meeting point in Leipzig, which was designed for the "World of Fireplaces"

From 18 to 20 April 2023, the "World of Fireplaces" trade fair, which is tailored exactly to the target groups around fireplaces and cosy ambience of living, will celebrate its premiere at the exhibition center Leipzig. This new business event has met with an enormous response, as the excellent booking start shows. In just a few days, several thousand square meters of exhibition space were ordered from well-known suppliers. A very successful start for the entire industry – which, together with its industry association HKI (Frankfurt a.M.), has long wanted an independent presentation platform tailored to its needs.
"It is trade fairs like these that hold our industry together and offer our partners the opportunity to engage in dialogue with each other. The conversation, the mutual respect lead to the necessary cohesion and long-term success" Doris Pfeiffer, Managing Director of Austroflamm, summarizes the approach of establishing an independent industry platform. Because: "Times are changing, our common fire remains," Ms. Pfeiffer continues. For Michael Rambach, founder and shareholder of trendfairs, there was no question of getting involved in business: "The industry wants its own platform, we offer it. With the World of Fireplaces, we are setting a milestone in the field of fireplaces and a comfortable living environment in Leipzig."
For some time now, trade fair specialist trendfairs GmbH has been developing an incomparable business experience with the best possible benefit for all parties involved thanks to innovative solutions. The new "World of Fireplaces" industry hub was also designed in this way – and meets exceptionally high demand from the start of sales: Many companies have already secured their place, such as Austroflamm, Bosch Thermotechnik, Hoxter, Leda Werk, Nordpeis, Oranier, Schott or Spartherm.
Further exhibitors with a focus on pellet, tiled and storage stoves, electric fireplaces and stoves, decorative and imitation fireplaces, stoves and grills, outdoor combustion plants, exhaust systems, boilers, separation and control technology, fuel, bricks and fireclay, software for smart homes and plant control as well as suppliers and accessory suppliers, publishers and associations will be added to this coveted B2B event.
"An international trade fair for fireplaces is not only important for the industry to present the new products and to enter into dialogue with retailers, craftsmen and service providers, but also as a platform for political lobbying," emphasizes Nikolaus Fleischhacker, head of the Oranier Group. Frank Kienle, Managing Director of the industry association HKI, is convinced of the importance of the "World of Fireplaces" in the discourse on sustainability and emphasizes "... that wood as an energy source plays an important role in the context of the climate change and that such a trade fair platform can emphasise this important role even more strongly and will significantly promote the discussion open to technology."

In April of next year, leipzig will focus on target-group sales promotion, image cultivation, networking and lobbying as well as the active promotion of this market segment. The industry is looking forward to this, because the desire for independent presentation and the focus on the central topic of "warmth, fire and comfort" has recently been articulated more and more vigorously.
The "World of Fireplaces" does not only carry fire in its name – it will become really hot at the fair ground! The technical requirements for "fire live" are ideally fulfilled at the Neue Messe in Leipzig.Hall 5 offers numerous exhaust outlets, it is accessible at ground level and the load capacity of the floor area is designed for heavy exhibits. The exhibitors' presentations are realized on a equal floor level, which not only facilitates visitor access, but also allows the construction of large and, above all, high exhibits.
The Fireplace Hub represents an additional added value. The trade fair organiser is establishing a valuable industry portal for knowledge transfer and networking. Speakers will inform about trends and innovations in the industry. Decision-makers from business and associations enter into dialogue with trade visitors.The Fireplace Hub offers informative programme items on a daily basis during the trade fair and is free of charge for visitors.
When the doors to the "World of Fireplaces" open on 18 April 2023, several thousand trade fair visitors from all over Central Europe are expected. The excellent location and transport connections of the trade fair city of Leipzig also contribute to this. All admissions are free of charge, but access is reserved exclusively for experts from companies, science and the media. The live event will be accompanied by a virtual edition that communicates live streams, chats, lectures, innovations and news before, during and after the three days of the fair. Trade visitor accreditation is also possible via this online platform.

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