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Press releases


„World of Fireplaces 2023“ expanded to include outdoor area

Premiere event now with 210 exhibitors and brands - new Fireplace-HUB as communication hotspot

The B2B event "World of Fireplaces" has surprised the industry, the supporting industry association HKI and the trade fair organiser Trendfairs alike by continuing strong demand and a consequently first-class booking status. Hardly anyone could have expected this great response to the event from 17 to 19 April 2023 at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre in advance: 210 binding commitments from companies and brands have now been received, and the 15,000 square metre Hall 5 would soon be too small. The obvious solution: more suppliers will move to the outdoor area in front of the hall, which every visitor will pass through. | more


"World of Fireplaces 2023" starts one day earlier: 17 to 19 April 2023

More space, sufficient dismantling days – so far 185 exhibitors and brands booking require an improved trade fair slot

The "World of Fireplaces", which was conceived as a spin-off of a major industry event, is now itself becoming a large-scale B2B event that is already breaking all standards in the preparation phase for the premiere event in 2023. This is as surprising as it is gratifying - first of all for the economic sector around fireplaces. However, the ongoing boom in demand and the resulting additional need for space and trade fair logistics now requires the trade fair slot to be moved one day forward - to April 17th to 19th, 2023 - in order to allow sufficient dismantling time. This certainly not easy decision was made with care, with the aim of realizing as much "fire live" as possible. | more


World of Fireplaces 2023 – GVOB on board - Round table

GesamtVerband OfenBau (GVOB) at the premiere of the international trade fair in Leipzig / Trendfairs welcomed selected companies to the Round table

The premiere of the "World of Fireplaces" will take place from 18 to 20 April 2023 at the Leipzig exhibition center. This new international trade fair focuses on the entire segment around fireplaces, as well as feel-good ambience and is designed to involve all industry players. This will create strong connections with great traction. | more


World of Fireplaces 2023 – now area expansion due to high demand

More than 140 exhibitors and brands from 16 countries have already registered for the trade fair premiere in Leipzig.

The World of Fireplaces will be celebrating its premiere at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre from 18 to 20 April 2023. This wide-ranging and new trade fair will focus on the entire segment around fireplaces as well as feel-good ambience and is designed to bring in all the players in this sector. The countdown so far before the fair gets underway has brought a few surprises: The new business event is encountering incredible demand – over 140 exhibitors and brands from 16 countries have made committed bookings so far. The result for the live and online format developed by the organiser, Trendfairs (Munich), working with the industry association HKI (Frankfurt a.M.): The exhibition space in Hall 5 must be extended, as the attraction of the event continues to grow. | more


World of Fireplaces 2023: two-thirds of the stand space booked

Numerous binding commitments – fourteen months before the start of the fair!

With the "World of fireplaces" a new business platform is launched, which is organized in the interest and at the request of the European manufacturers of fireplaces - accompanied and supported by the industry association HKI (Frankfurt a.M.). The premiere will take place from 18 to 20 April 2023 at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre. This now precise target group orientation in conjunction with the importance of the 'world of modern fireplaces', which is underlined by its independence, is more than rewarded: Already 14 months before the start of the event, more than 60 percent of the planned exhibition space of 10,000 sqm has been firmly booked. | more


New trade fair "World of Fireplaces 2023" in high demand

Excellent booking start at the industry meeting point in Leipzig, which was designed for the "World of Fireplaces"

From 18 to 20 April 2023, the "World of Fireplaces" trade fair, which is tailored exactly to the target groups around fireplaces and cosy ambience of living, will celebrate its premiere at the exhibition center Leipzig. This new business event has met with an enormous response, as the excellent booking start shows. In just a few days, several thousand square meters of exhibition space were ordered from well-known suppliers. A very successful start for the entire industry – which, together with its industry association HKI (Frankfurt a.M.), has long wanted an independent presentation platform tailored to its needs. | more


The "World of fireplaces" starts - trade fair premiere in Leipzig in 2023

The entire world of fireplaces - an independent trade fair prepared

The "WORLD OF FIREPLACES" trade fair for fireplaces and cozy ambience, which will premiere from April 18 to 20, 2023 at the Leipzig trade fair location, is a business platform that, in the interest and at the request of European manufacturers of fireplaces such as fireplace, pellet and tiled stoves, Fireplaces and decorative fireplaces, suppliers and service providers are organized. Around 50 of the leading, especially European, industry representatives - accompanied and supported by the HKI (Frankfurt a.M.) branch association - signed the Letter of Intent as a commitment to the new live and accompanying online format. The organizer is the Munich trendfairs, which has earned a first-class reputation in the trade fair scene and has thoroughly prepared the "WORLD OF FIREPLACES". With a declared aim to understand all groups and protagonists of this industry world as an important part of the new trade fair. | more