Bringing fire into a new sustainable era.

We humans have lived with fire for millions of years. But now, everything changes. Contura is introducing revolutionary technologies using integrated electrostatic particle filter and electronic controlled combustion. Our goal is to produce the first stoves in the world that reduce particle emissions to zero.


The design and product development of Contura stoves occurs in Sweden, as does the assembly of all stove parts. The stoves are quality controlled before leaving the factory in Markaryd. This gives us full control over the quality in all stages of production. We take care to ensure that the stoves are suitable for the modern home and conditions. We are proud to mark our stoves “Made in Sweden”.


Contura stoves and Premodul chimneys are made by NIBE in Markaryd, in Småland. Conserving resources has always been a matter of course in Småland and that is why our manufacturing is modern, lean and efficient. Quality permeates every level of production in our factory, which is the largest and most modern facility for the manufacture of wood burning stoves and chimneys in Europe. Our products are sold throughout Europe and are appreciated for their timeless design, efficiency and high quality.


Contura is the leading manufacturer of stove products in Scandinavia and one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Contura is part of the NIBE group, which has 17000 employees and a turnover of approximately 30 billion SEK.

Contura NIBE AB

Skulptörvägen 10
SE-285 23 Markaryd

Phone +46 433 275100

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