Pellet stoves with boiler function: With safety into the future

Always a win: heating with pellets creates more independence from oil and gas

Pellet stoves with boiler function: safely into the future

Rapidly rising prices for oil and gas, C02 taxes and the energy transition - carefree heating with fossil fuels is definitely passé. Consumers are therefore looking for alternatives. Environmentally friendly heating with a pellet stove with boiler function is a clever way of escaping rising energy costs. Because as soon as the installation room is heated, a large part of the generated energy is fed into the heating circuit via a heat exchanger. In this way, the radiators in the house as well as hot water for the bathroom and kitchen are heated.

Innovative operation via app

A good example of this technology is the BOREAS AQUA from Oranier, one of Germany's leading manufacturers of modern heating technology. The extra-large pellet tank provides up to 50 hours of heating comfort. As with all Oranier pellet appliances, all functions can be conveniently controlled with the new smartCon app. Switch on, switch off, regulate temperature or set operating times - all with the swipe of a finger, both via smartphone and tablet. Very practical: The app can be operated not only at home, but also while on the move. This means the stove is already on and the home is comfortably warm when you finish work early.

Elegant appearance in four trendy colours

The elegant front section of the pellet stove consists of a discreet black door with a large viewing pane, which is enclosed on three sides by a frame. There is a choice of four attractive trend colours: slate, marble, silk white or dark brown corten made of the modern material "Sintered Stone". This fascinating material is a composite of stone and resin. Extremely scratch-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. Particularly beautiful: the pellet stove has a shallow depth and its angular shape is reminiscent of a decorative cabinet. And so BOREAS AQUA was awarded the "German Design Award 2021" due to its perfect functionality and its special appearance.

All-round carefree

Independence can be enhanced with a solar system or air-source heat pump. After all, sun shines all year round, warm air is available for around nine months and the eco-fuel wood in the form of pellets comes from domestic production. Although the prices for pellets have risen in recent months, they are a good 25 percent cheaper than oil and gas in terms of calorific value.

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