Dinak, biomass for energy transition

With more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of domestic and industrial modular chimneys and flues, as well as self-standing chimneys, Dinak is at the forefront of innovation in the latest and greatest solutions on the path to energy transition. 

Always focused on offering the best quality and service, the brand's great capacity for adaptation has made it responsive to the requirements and needs of each country in which it operates, becoming a worldwide reference in the sector.


Innovation and quality, its maxims for action

In terms of energy efficiency, Dinak presents gas conduction systems in accordance with the requirements of Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Buildings (NCEB), such as passive houses.

The Diflux concentric flue range is a concentric chimney system which allows for simultaneous gas outlets and air intake through the same chimney. An alternative that reduces heat loss while optimising costs and space. 

Also, its innovative Fireshield system has been designed and certified to safely insulate the stack´s floors and/or walls safely. A technology that allows for a complete insulation avoiding gaps that cause heat loss, which favours efficiency while minimising the risk of fire.


Biomass, the safest option for decarbonisation

Over the last decade, Dinak has proven to lead the way in innovation in terms of transition and energy efficiency for wood and pellets. That's the reason we have developed a wide range of products dedicated to domestic and industrial biomass. A guarantee of quality and performance on the route to transition and decarbonisation.

From the DW (Double Wall) and SW (Simple Wall) ranges for stoves and boilers, to the top ranges Deko Wood and Deko Pellets made of vitreous mild steel, Dinak´s entire product line represents a perfect solution for visible stove connections designed to offer the best solution for all possible needs and application environments. 

Industrial biomass for a cleaner energy use

From an industrial point of view, biomass is becoming increasingly important as an option for decarbonising energy processes. It is a renewable energy solution for sectors with high energy demands without sacrificing high performance, being its applications as diverse as thermal power generation plants, industrial biomass boilers and district heating. 

With a range of modular ducts and self-supporting chimneys, Dinak offers the best systems for this type of cutting-edge buildings. Our DW, GE+ and DWhp2 ranges offer the highest quality and performance even in the most demanding configurations. The brand also has a specialised division for the design and manufacture of large self-supporting chimneys and turnkey structures tailor-made for each case.

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