Special show

Special show "Hybrid Heat"

The special show "Hybrid Heat"

Regardless of the current situation of heat generation in living spaces, the energy transition will accompany the industry in the future.​

The question: "How do we manage the energy transition?" will occupy politicians, citizens and many sectors from industry to trade for a long time.​​

The answers to this question are very diverse.

With the special area "Hybrid Heat" at the WORLD OF FIREPLACES, a presentation area is created on which different solutions for hybrid heat generation are presented.

This special area offers space for discussions with providers and visitors, arouses understanding and creates new potential.​

In addition, this project promotes cooperation between the industrial suppliers and promotes cooperation between craft companies from the various trades.​

With the special area "Hybrid Heat" at the WORLD OF FIREPLACES, the opportunity is used to present these solution variants to decision-making politicians and to argue their advantages.

For the special area "Hybrid Heat" suppliers are addressed as participants from the following areas:​

Fireplaces for firewood, logs, wood chips or pellets, also combined​
Heat pump suppliers
Providers of photovoltaic systems
Suppliers of solar systems​suppliers of biomass basement devices​
Provider of buffer storage systems
Cooking facilities for logs or pellets, also combined

The aim of the presentation is to present the combination of two or more systems in cooperation (no presentation in function).