"At Contura, we are proud of our tradition of innovation, both in terms of design and technology. We infuse our stoves with the soul of Småland for a feeling of cosiness, quality and reliability. We look forward to the exchange with other manufacturers as well as trade visitors."

Rickard Olson
Sales Director, Contura

"We are focussing on heat. As an international pellet stove manufacturer, we are excited about the newly created industry meeting and look forward to exciting discussions."

Kurt Vanregenmortel
Export Manager, Cadel Srl

"As a manufacturer of wood-burning technology for artisan stove and fireplace construction, we look forward to presenting our innovations and new products and exchanging ideas with colleagues from the industry."

Hubertus Brunner
Managing Director, Ulrich Brunner GmbH

"In order to reduce the increasing environmental impact, it is important that we utilise renewable energy sources such as solar energy or wood. The special show ‘Hybride Wärme’ offers us at Wallnöfer the ideal platform to present our water-bearing wood gasification stoves to a specialised audience."

Hartwig Wallnöfer
CEO, Wallnöfer GmbH/srl

"We are already looking forward to being part of the World of Fireplaces again in 2025. This unique industry event for fireplaces and cosy ambience of living offers us the ideal opportunity to present our ORTNER storage heaters and exchange ideas with our customers."

DI Manfred Huber
Managing Director, Ortner GmbH

"As a leading supplier of fire-viewing panels globally, SCHOTT ROBAX® is eager to participate in the upcoming World of Fireplaces 2025 event in Leipzig. We anticipate engaging in insightful conversations with our customers and partners."

Martin Endres
Vice President Sales & Marketing, SCHOTT ROBAX®

"In the past, heating homes was seen exclusively as a functional necessity. Modern consumers seek products that combine high performance with sophisticated aesthetics, in line with current trends. In this scenario, MCZ confirms its commitment to innovation, design and sustainability, offering distinctive solutions in the home heating sector. For MCZ, participating in the WORLD OF FIREPLACES is therefore a perfect opportunity to show the latest innovations and the revolutionary combustion technology to an international audience."

Andrea Drusian
Export Area Manager, MCZ Group S.p.A

"Lotus Heating Systems is delighted to be taking part in the WORLD OF FIREPLACES trade fair. With over 40 years of experience, we offer stoves of the highest quality and efficiency. Our stoves are known for their optimal combustion, low CO2 emissions and elegant design. The international trade fair offers us the perfect platform to present our products to an expert audience."

Array Lars U. Borch
CEO, Lotus Heating Systems A/S

"At Rüegg Cheminée, we have always been driving innovation and attach great importance to reducing emissions into the environment with wood fires. Rüegg Cheminée stands for Swiss quality and an unbridled passion for fire!"

Richard Landolt
Managing Director, Rüegg Cheminée Schweiz AG

"Trade fairs like WORLD OF FIREPLACES strengthen our industry and promote cohesion. We hope that the trade fair will be a significant step towards strengthening our international market position and establishing good business relationships."

Mario Muraro
Owner, KLOVER s.r.l.

"AMG spa. is very much looking forward to the upcoming WORLD OF FIREPLACES in 2025. As a leading Italian company, we are delighted to contribute to the development and growth of a new B2B platform. AMG spa. is looking forward to exhibiting at WORLD OF FIREPLACES 2025 and engaging in dialogue with national and international trade partners."

Luca Scilironi
Export Area Manager, AMG S.P.A.

"We are proud to have participated as an exhibitor in the premiere of WORLD OF FIREPLACES 2023, April 17-19. We are thrilled with the excellent implementation of the show and the great interest of visitors from all over the world. It was an inspiring experience to meet with industry experts and customers in exciting discussions.

The atmosphere at the show was positive throughout, and we took the opportunity to present our latest products, as well as our research and development studies. We were delighted by the interest in our innovations and it confirms our commitment to high-quality heating and fireplace solutions.

We are already looking forward to the next WORLD OF FIREPLACES in 2025."

Ann Gela Ukena
Head of Marketing, LEDA Werk GmbH & Co. KG

"wodtke is committed to hybrid heating systems. As a pellet pioneer and one of the leading manufacturers of innovative pellet and wood-burning stoves, we offer forward-looking solutions for heating and comfortable warmth in the home.

Heat and the heating of the future require the interaction of different energies for sustainable heat supply systems. In this hybrid heating system, both heat generators complement each other perfectly. Without wood heat, the climate targets cannot be achieved. Heating with wood and wood pellets makes economic and ecological sense.

We are looking forward to the next WORLD OF FIREPLACES 2025."

Christiane Wodtke
Managing Director, wodtke GmbH

"An international trade fair for fireplaces is very important for the industry in many respects. Of course, it serves to present product innovations and to initiate dialog with dealers, the trade and service providers. But it is also an attention-grabbing platform for political lobbying, which is particularly important right now. We are very much looking forward to 2025 and the renewed exchange with all market participants about current trends and developments that will be decisive for the future of our industry. A great deal will move between now and then, and we will experience exciting times."

Nikolaus Fleischhacker
CEO, ORANIER Unternehmensgruppe

"We are absolutely thrilled with the WORLD OF FIREPLACES. On the first day we could hardly get to our exhibits, the atmosphere is excellent and we will be happy to be there again next time. "

Colin Rokossa
Management, Camina & Schmid

"The WORLD OF FIREPLACES in Leipzig is an important forum for the GesamtVerbandOfenBau to send strong signals to the public for wood as the energy of the future and for modern wood-burning stoves. As a strong voice of the industry, we are active throughout Europe in a continuous dialogue with stove builders, trade, manufacturers, with partner associations, with political decision-makers and the public. We are looking forward to participating in the WORLD OF FIREPLACES in 2025, to the exchange and expert discussions about natural heating with wood and with modern technologies."

Robert Mülleneisen

"For us, hybrid heat is the combination of highly efficient fireplaces with the CO²-neutral burning of wood combined with the power of the sun (solar) and an electric support for the transition months. We are using the WORLD OF FIREPLACES to present this combination and looking forward to meeting our customers."

Kai Wolbeck
Managing Partner, Kleining GmbH & Co. KG

"We’re looking forward to exhibit at the WORLD OF FIREPLACES to engage in dialogue with national and international distributors/trade partners about the future of the fireplace industry. As a global leader in the industry of electric fires we want to take you on a journey in the transition to a more sustainable world."

René IJdema
CEO, Glen Dimplex Flame Europe

"At attika, we love fire – and have done for over 40 years. We combine form, material and function with state-of-the-art technology, meticulous craftsmanship and great attention to detail. The World of Fireplaces offers us the ideal platform to present our passion for fire and our premium products to a broad specialist audience."

Erich Hänni
Managing Director, ATTIKA FEUER AG

“Finally a trade fair that comprehensively covers the topic of fireplaces and brings the industry and specialist trade together at one point. True to its motto "Preserve the environment, protect health and enjoy fire consciously", Exodraft will present its fine dust particle separators and intelligent chimney control systems here!”

Thomas Roßmann
Branch manager of exodraft a/s Germany branch, exodraft a/s

“As a manufacturer of electric stairclimbers for heavy loads, we are looking forward to this newly created industry meeting place. We look forward to presenting the LIFTKAR models for transporting stoves, pellet boilers, ... live on the stairs at the first WORLD OF FIREPLACES.”

Anna Bierma
Managing Director, SANO Deutschland GmbH

"At WORLD OF FIREPLACES we see the complete value chain of fireplaces represented. Therefore, as a traditional company for stove ceramics, we will also be present. Gutbrod Keramik has been manufacturing high-quality ceramics for tiled stoves and fireplaces since 1869. WOF 2025 is set for us."

Norbert Müller
Managing Director, Gutbrod Keramik GmbH

“As a manufacturer of refractory fireclay products, we are pleased that the WORLD OF FIREPLACES is a new trade fair for fireplaces. For our entire industry, the trade fair offers a good opportunity for targeted dialogue between manufacturers and trade visitors.”

Sebastian Gedon
Head of Sales, Wolfshöher Tonwerke GmbH & Co. KG

"We are very pleased – but are not surprised how the industry accepts the new trade fair for fireplaces.  Especially in the current political and economic situation, as well as their future prospects, we see our participation not only as an opportunity to present our innovations and highlights, but rather as an important platform for exchange within and in the environment of the industry. The WORLD OF FIREPLACES is a MUST and set for us."

Arne Beck
Head of Sales, Wamsler

“We are convinced that we need trade fairs like this to reinforce our common identity as a sustainable industry. Today it is an industry that increasingly needs to be seen in an international context. As an Italian company, we are therefore very pleased to contribute from the outset to the development and growth of a new platform for dialogue like this one. Because the future depends on what we do today.”

Cristina Reghezza
Project management sales Germany, Palazzetti Lelio S.p.A.

"We look forward to the WORLD OF FIREPLACES with a clear focus on fireplaces. Hoxter produces qualitatively and technically high-quality products exclusively for the specialist trade. Trade fairs that promote cohesion in the industry and offer an ideal platform for dialogue are all the more important. We are looking forward to the industry meeting 2025 in Leipzig."

Otakar Slanar
Managing Director, Hoxter GmbH

“It's trade fairs like this that hold our industry together and give our partners the opportunity to engage in dialogue. The conversation, the mutual respect lead to the necessary cohesion and long-term success. – "Times are changing, our common fire remains."

Doris Pfeiffer
CEO, Austroflamm GmbH

"Our vision at DROOFF is clear: we want to build the cleanest wood-burning stoves in the world. That's why we rely on state-of-the-art technologies and intelligent designs that think ahead. At the World of Fireplaces, we have the opportunity to share our passion for a greener future. See you again this year in Leipzig."

Array Till Klask
Managing Director, DROOFF Kaminöfen GmbH & Co. KG

"With this trade fair, we are taking the industry to the next level and, thanks to Leipzig as a trade fair location, closer to political perception. This is reflected above all in our open lecture and dialogue platform, the Fireplace-HUB. In addition, with its sustainable solutions and heating concepts, the industry is once again underlining the system-relevant role of wood in a climate-neutral economic system and making it clear that sustainably cultivated biomass is an essential component of the circular economy and climate-neutral building."

Frank Kienle
Managing Director, HKI

„The industry wants its own platform, we offer it. With the WORLD OF FIREPLACES, we are setting a milestone around the topic of fireplaces and cozy living ambience in Leipzig.“

Michael Rambach
Founder & Partner, trendfairs GmbH